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Welcome to our VAULTED Wolf’s Magic Products Page. Due to manufacturing changes or material unavailability, we have dis-continued the following effects.  Each effect listed below is no longer available from us and can only be found on the used/collectors market.

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~ Products below are no longer available ~

ABC Gumball Recombobulator (Original)

Wacky Wolf’s FIRST and definitely WACKIEST effect redesigned for more WACKY FUN!

Blow yur Stack

A Fun-filled, action-packed competition magic trick!




The CELL PHONE meets its final DESTRUCTION!

Champagne Chop



A children’s educational effect that will make them think twice before NOT brushing their teeth!


Eye Gotcha

Created by Chance Wolf & Jim Jayes


For All Eternity

Created by Chance Wolf – Inspired by a Concept by Dave Fiscus. Based on the “Classic Card Frame”


The Great Escape

Danger the Dare Devil attempts his greatest feat, and creates a little mischief too!


Groove Tube

The ball that won’t behave!


Hip Hop Magician

The “Rolls Royce” of “Hippity Hop Rabbits”!



The COOLEST trick in your SHOW!


Jumbo Balloon Wand

A Wacky Wolf face-lift given to the Ol’ Balloon Tray by Warren Stephens!


Micro Magic Series 1

Our Wacky Wolf magic shrunk down for “SMALL” audiences!


Micro Magic Series 2

Fully operational miniatures of Wacky Wolf stage props


Micro Shark Chopper

FULL CHOMPING action that fits in your POCKET!



The ABSOLUTE BEST “PHONE-ALE” to your disappearing cell-phone routine!


Roag Toad

A card routine that’s sure to make them HOP out of their SEATS with LAUGHTER!

$325 + Shipping

Coming Soon!

Sassy Silk

A Complete Animated Dancing Silk Act…in your hands!  All MECHANICAL no batteries!





Skunky Munky

Kids will go BANANAS with this routine by Jimmy Vee!

~ Vaulted ~

Sneeker Tweeker

Inspired by the Wiz Kote & O.O.P.S. Machine effects


Sobriety Test

A NEW effect by Chance Wolf & Brian Cook that’s sure to “arrest” them with laughter!



Sponge Ball Wand

The coolest utility device we have created to enhance ANY Sponge Ball routine from Children’s magic to Adult Shows!


Take Apart Anything Vanish

Take Apart Dove Vanish given a Wacky Wolf Face-Lift!


Wacky Water Wheel

WACKY VERSION of an old effect, “Wizzy Dizzy Milk” with a GREAT KICKER ENDING!!


Wacky Wakoon

A CARD-FLYING close cousin to our Wacky Weasel!


Wacky Weasel

You have be warned! Entertain at your own risk!


the Wacky Worm

Similar to the CLASSIC Snake Basket Routine but it packs flat and plays BIG!