Created by Chance Wolf

We have taken the Classic Hippity Hop Rabbits and taken it to a new level never seen! After countless hours…weeks…months of art development, we have reached our goal. The most BEAUTIFUL Hip Hop type of effect you will ever own! “The Hip Hop Magician”! We thought about making some cutbacks to speed up production, but with it being a Wacky Wolf effect, cutbacks were not an option. Instead, the Hip Hop Magician is the “Rolls Royce” of “Hippity Hop Rabbits”. All manufacturing was done IN HOUSE, including the creation of the art by Chance Wolf. Each piece is truly a work of art and must be seen to be fully appreciated. We have attached a few pics of the set.
The effect:
Our version of the Classic “Hippity Hop Rabbits” however this routine actually MAKES SENSE as it features a Magician and his lovely Assistant magically trading places in Magic Cabinets ( finally a real reason to use the Tubes! ) but that is not all!! We have added a KICKER ENDING that you will be sure to LOVE as the Magician and Assistant keep switching places then they are finally turned around to show the backsides and BOTH THE ASSISTANT AND MAGICIAN HAVE DISAPPEARED LEAVING ONLY A GIANT SMILING FACE OF THE BUNNY! The idea of pushing the two plaques together to create one LARGE MURAL IMAGE is the concept of my good friend Oscar Munoz. We thank him for letting us use this concept.
IMPROVEMENTS: We have managed to make some improvements on our “Hip Hop Magician” effect which I am sure will please anyone who has not seen this effect!

The new features are as follows:
Lighter weight materials: We have switched to using our “Alumi-Core” material. Thin yet STRONG and light. The Silk-screened Enamel holds strong to the “Alumi-Core” finish.
Magnetic Shells and cabinets: We finally found a way to incorporate Rare Earth Magnets into the Aluminum Shells as well as the cabinets. This gives you a “Fingertip Free Steal”!
Tongue in Slot Shell Gimmick: We changed the upper shell gimmick in a very unique way for ease of use.
Thinner Cabinets: We have reduced the thickness of the cabinets to ease the handling. They look more sleek and have been fabricated from “Alumi-Core” as well. You will find them lighter and easier to handle.
Hip Hop Cabinet Dimensions: 14 1/2″ x 6 1/2″

Magician & Assistant Dimensions: 14″ x 6″