Created by Chance Wolf

Special thanks to Beverly Atsma…
…for her wonderful work co-creating and sewing the Pillow Change Bags!

A Children’s Educational effect that will make them think twice before NOT brushing their teeth at night 🙂
We have created a new Educational effect based on Personal Hygiene which happens to be the theme for next years School Shows! “CHOMPERS” is a Multi-Phase routine with lots of magic and fun! It plays HUGE and packs VERY FLAT! We have created a Demo Video, below, which shows the basic effects. Combine the visual magic with a great Lesson in Personal Hygiene and it will be sure to be a hit with the Kids and Teachers!

Basic Routine: You would like to tell the children a story of your good friend. He was known for his great smile and perfect teeth. In fact, everyone nick-named him “Chompers” because he had the best set of chompers in town! He would brag about how wonderful his teeth were and how he NEVER had to brush or floss and his teeth and they always looked great. Until one day he woke up and to his surprise his teeth had turned green! Chompers is then revealed. He frantically begins to floss only to find a GREEN PLAQUE MONSTER living in his teeth!! EEEK!!! Things got worse for Chompers…his teeth actually started falling out!!
The three ROTTEN TEETH ARE REMOVED leaving three silly gaps in “Chompers” smile! Chompers is embarrassed and devastated. He tries talking to the TOOTH FAIRY and promises to brush and floss regularly if only he could have his teeth back. He puts his rotten teeth under his pillow and hopes the Tooth Fairy will help him in some way. The next morning he reaches inside his pillow and PULLED OUT A GIANT TOOTH BRUSH that was TWICE THE SIZE OF HIS PILLOW!! A note was left by the Tooth Fairy stating that it was a MAGICAL TOOTHBRUSH! The note says “If you promise to take good care of your teeth and brush and floss two times a day you might be amazed at what happens.” So he did. He brushed and brushed….and brushed some more until one day magically his teeth reappeared!!! After that am sure you kids have heard of what you do when you lose a tooth?! PUT THEM UNDER YOUR PILLOW!! Yes! And what happens the next morning?! The TOOTH FAIRY leaves you some MONEY!!!
Yes…well…NO! You see “Chompers” personal Tooth Fairy KNOWS he will only take that money and buy MORE candy. So later that night, “Chompers” put his teeth inside his pillow.
A Small Pillow is shown and the three teeth are placed inside.
“Chompers awoke the next morning and felt something hard inside his pillow.
He reached inside and PULLED OUT A GIANT TOOTH BRUSH that was TWICE THE SIZE OF HIS PILLOW!! A note was left by the Tooth Fairy stating that it was a MAGICAL TOOTHBRUSH! “Chompers” would love nothing more than to have his three teeth back! So he took the Magical Tooth brush and brushed EXACTLY the way his DENTIST and PARENTS taught him to do and to his AMAZEMENT…HIS THREE TEETH WERE BACK!! They were white healthy and ready to use on healthy nutritious foods!
There are so many ways to tell the story weaving in the lessons of the importance of personal hygiene.


(This effect is no longer available)

Thanks so much for your interest & support!