Created by Chance Wolf

Inspired by the Wiz Kote & O.O.P.S. Machine effects

The long awaited version of the Classic Burnt Shoe Routine is now here! After years of various proto-types we present a brand new look and method for creating this effect and it is a ONE MAN ROUTINE!! No need for assistants or extra props.
Routine: The performer begins by reminiscing of his childhood days as a Shoe Shine boy. Hard at work earning money for his next magic trick purchase. He continues by stating how times have changed and so has the shoe shining methods. A cloth is removed from on object on the table revealing the performers most recent invention…the SNEEKER TWEEKER!
The workings of the machine are explained emphasizing that the Power Lever should always be set on LOW when polishing children’s shoes as the HIGH setting is used ONLY for Heavy Duty Jobs such as tar covered Work Boots or Cowboy Boots that have seen one Cow Pie too many!
A shoe is borrowed from a child in the audience. The performer explains that due to the HI-TORQUE of the custom Polishing Wheel, that the child’s shoe must be strapped into place to avoid flying shoes in da face!
The Power Lever is moved into the LOW position as the RED & YELLOW LIGHTS BEGIN TO FLASH on the Rear Panel. The Large Powered Buffing Wheel is given a spin as it powers up into the low Speed rotation. The performer begins to polish the sneeker. A bit here, a bit there. As he continues to polish, the performer unknowingly BUMPS THE POWER LEVER into the HIGH POSITION!! The Buffing Wheel appears to go OUT OF CONTROL as the RED WARNING LIGHT BEGINS TO FLASH and a LOUD SIREN IS HEARD wailing!!
The performer struggles to maintain control! Suddenly SMOKE BEGINS TO BELOW FROM THE SHOE as the performer looks in horror! The Siren and Red Warning Light shuts down as the performer pulls the Buffing Wheel away revealing the CHILD’S SHOE HAS BEEN BURNT TO A SMOKING CRISP!
The performer is frazzled by the situation and suddenly sparks a thought stating that it is a good thing he had spent all those years as a Shoe Shine Boy. It is time to go “Old School”! The performer whips out a White Polishing Cloth, drapes it across the shoe and begins to buff back and forth while whistling a tune in total discomfort. The cloth is lifted a bit. The shoe is still roasted and he begins to polish a bit more vigorously. Once again the cloth is lifted showing a fried shoe. “Maybe a bit of Shoe Polish will remedy the situation!” The performer lifts the cover and dabs several applications of polish onto the burnt shoe. The shoe is buffed with the cloth a few more times, the cloth is lifted and the performer hesitantly and quite dishonestly states that the shoe looks just fine while leaving the cloth draped over the shoe.
The performer walks forward cracking a few jokes about his failures and success, did the kid buy a “Shoe Insurance Policy”, does his mom know WHO the magician is at the show etc. etc.
After the by play and with great confidence, the performer walks back to the Sneeker Tweeker, whisks the cloth away REVEALING THE SHOE FULLY RESTORED!!

The Sneeker Tweeker has a SHOE SIZE LIMITATION!!
As with most shoe burning effects, there are size limitations. We have designed this effect for a standard BOY SIZE 6 shoe. The shoe must be a standard LOW TOP style without the super thick lower heel designs. You will require to pre-select a shoe at the time of your show. Due to the principle we use we could only accommodate this size and type of shoe. Please note this in your decision making process in purchasing this effect.


(This effect is no longer available)

Thanks so much for your interest & support!