Created by Chance Wolf / Engineered by Chance Wolf & Ron Arthur


With permission, based on the original “Wiz-Kote” Created by Steve Hart and Chalet Magic
A special thanks to Michael Bairefoot for the idea of using a Cell Phone

With Routine ideas by: Ben Ulin, Arthur Atsma, Payne, Brian Cook and of course our good friend Oscar Munoz!

The long wait is over! We are happy to announce the most anticipated effect in our history! The CELLULATOR! This is our version of the Steve Hart’s “Wiz-Kote Machine”. However, we took the miles past the original and are sure it will bring the house down with laughter! All aspects have been re-engineered and the quality of materials and mechanical function are sure to impress! Plus, it is smaller in size yet plays BIG! The new NON-PYRO SMOKE System will blow you away and the ease of setting up the smoke is unsurpassed.

BASIC EFFECT: After some comical byplay, a Cell Phone is borrowed as the Magician states he can upload up to ONE MILLION FREE MINUTES or UNLIMITED RING TONES using his latest invention…the CELLULATOR! The Cell Phone is dropped inside the wild contraption. All is going well as the JUMBO LIGHTS FLASH! The ratcheting Minute Maximizer Dial is turned up to the 1 MILLION MINUTE setting and things begin to GO WRONG! Suddenly a LOUD SIREN shrills and THICK SMOKE BEGINS TO PLUME OUT OF THE BOX! As a last act of desperation, the Magician rips the lid off the box, all four sides fall displaying the borrows cell phone, suspended on a raised Cradle, BURNT TO A CRISP! The phone is vanished ( by method of choice) The phone is found fully restored in location of Magician’s Choice! (Nested Boxes, Box above Audience etc.)
Check out our PHONE-ALE’ effect for the PERFECT ending to the CELLULATOR

FEATURING: NON-PYRO Smoke! Legal to use in ANY VENUE / Sure Fire Smoke Ignition System / Ultra Fast Smoke Reset / Ultra Loud Siren / Ultra Bright Flashing LED’s / Ratcheting “Power Dial” / Break Away Comedy Antenna / Burnt Cell Phone
Dimensions: 10″ Tall x 7″ Wide x 7″ Deep
Hard Shell Case Included!



(This effect is no longer available)

Thanks so much for your interest & support!