We are Shelley and Chance Wolf, the owners of Wolf’s Magic, Inc., and we want to thank you for visiting our site!  We opened Wolf’s Magic in January 2003 when Chance Wolf decided children’s magic needed a whole new WACKY look!  With decades of experience in the graphics and comic book industry, Chance was able to combine his award winning art and craftsmenship with his passion for magic, resulting in a line of never been seen before magic apparatus that was Built to Perform & Designed to Collect!  Children’s entertainers quickly fell in love with his cartoony style and wacky new effects and we hope you will too!

Over the years we’ve added to our Wacky Wolf line of children’s magic with close up effects, play big micros, limited edition fine collectibles, children’s books and just recently we VENTured (pun intended) into hand-crafted elite ventriloquist figures! 

Along the way we have had the pleasure to get to know many magicians and entertainers worldwide, from weekend warriors to top vegas performers.  It is amazing how much time, dedication and practice is involved in mastering the art of magic and ventriloquism, and we hope to assist these artists with our dependable quality appartus for many years to come! 

Please know we are a small shop (husband/wife team) and everything is built in-house so our inventory can be limited.  We want to hear from you so PLEASE let us know if you have an interest in any of our effects, we prioritize production based on interest, so we would love to hear from you!

email:  [email protected]

Thanks again for stopping by!!

Creative Team

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