Created by Chance Wolf


We think we have created one of the most elegant Chop Cup routines which is sure to entertain. The routine and props work together weaving a logical tale of how, no matter how hard some folks try to loose your cork, it always ends up back under the Champagne Bucket. We have added a gag bit in which the cork visibly turns into a “Cork Screw”! The routine ends with a surprise finish of a mini 3″ tall Champagne Bottle. Be sure to look at the close up pic below showing the incredible detail of the Imported Champagne Bottle and the 3″ tall Chrome Plated METAL Mini Bucket complete with Lions Heads with Rings through the mouths. You have to see the props to fully appreciate the beauty.

Please check out the Online Video for a complete demonstration of this routine by Chance Wolf himself!

Package includes: Champagne Chop Cup, Regular Cork, Gimmick Cork, “Cork Screw”, Imported Champagne or Wine Bottle, Thick 2 Tone Velvet Drawstring Bag & DVD showing full performance and explanations by Chance Wolf.


(This effect is no longer available)

Thanks so much for your interest & support!