the Sassy Silk

Created by Chance Wolf

A Complete Animated Dancing Silk Act…in your hands!
ALL Mechanical!! NO Batteries required!

Oscar and I have created a wonderful new effect allowing any Children’s Entertainer to perform a fun interactive Multi-Phase Dancing Silk Routine with ease so you may focus on your performance and create a true fun time with the kids!
This effect is PACKED with actions and versatility! The entire unit sets up FAST and resets in less than 1 minute!!
Every Animation is MECHANICAL and the entire unit uses NO BATTERIES!
All the components pack down to fit into a typical Briefcase.

Routine with BASIC patter lines
(I Strongly urge that this be performed with music for maximum effect)

Phase 1

A stage w/ backdrop is resting on your table (as shown in pic). The Showtime Clock is displayed and the time is a few hours away from show time. The clock is picked up. “Would you kids like to see the Sassy Silk Magic Show? Well it looks like we are a few hours LATE!! (The Clock reads 4:00) Maybe if you say the magic words, we can go back in time and see the show!!” They scream the magic words and the Clock hand moves backwards the current time!


Phase 2

A small Green Tube is shown. “Sassy is like most performers as she likes to hang out in the “Green Room”. Lots of great snacks and a BIG SCREEN TV! I must warn you that Sassy is a bit shy and may need some coaxing to get her to perform her Dance Act!” The lid is popped off the “Green Room” and Sassy (an 18″ Silk) is revealed overflowing from the container. Clearly she fills the container. Sassy is removed.


Phase 3

“Like I said, she is very shy so she may dance for you…but maybe not. She is rested on the stage. The Music begins. As the performer continues talking, SASSY BEGINS TO DANCE TO THE MUSIC (popping upwards on stage) unknown to the magi so the kids scream that they see her dance and she plops down as soon as you look. This Look No See is repeated a couple times as she gets more and more lively in her dance. The stage is rested on a table and you scold her for not performing. She is told to go into the Changing Room and change her attitude.


Phase 4

Sassy is placed into the Changing Room (Cabinet w/ star on it) and is left hanging halfway out the top and is told to “Stay still.” While the Magician is talking Sassy slowly sucks into the cabinet a bit at a time, the children acknowledge her actions, then Sassy sucks into the Cabinet real fast! The kids scream that she is hiding in the cabinet and you look in saying that she is not there. The cabinet is lifted from the stage and shown empty! As you look at the kids the Sassy pops out the top of the cabinet wiggling back and forth! This repeated a couple times until the magician gives up and sets the Dressing Room cabinet down.


Phase 5

“I told you she could be shy but Sassy has never been THIS crazy!! I have no idea where she went! Maybe she is under the stage!” The stage is picked up and you lift the backside up looking underneath as SASSY POPS OUT FROM ONE SIDE OF THE BACKDROP!! The kids scream that they see her! You look up as she hides again only to peek out the other side!! Sassy pops from side to side as the Magi keeps missing her!


Phase 6

Finally the magician gives up, sets the stage down and states “Do you remember me saying that Sassy likes the GREEN ROOM? Well, I think she has decided to not perform today and just watch some TV and eat some goodies!”
The “Green Room” tube is picked up, the lid popped off and SASSY SPRINGS INTO VIEW magically appearing back in the tube in which she started!

MANY performance options and resets almost automatically except for the vanishing silk which is very quick to reset. You will LOVE the SIMPLE yet RELIABLE gimmicks all built into each component allowing you to structure the routine and effects in any order you choose!!

Proudly MADE in the USA!!
Includes: Custom Gimmicked Stage, Gimmicked Backdrop, Gimmicked Dressing Room, Gimmicked Clock, Gimmicked Green Room Tube and 18″ Gimmicked Silk.

Dimensions with Backdrop attached: 16″ Wide x 11″ Tall x 11″ Deep
Weighs only 4 lbs when fully assembled!


(This effect is no longer available)

Thanks so much for your interest & support!