Created by Chance Wolf


We are happy to release a new WACKY VERSION of an old effect, “Wizzy Dizzy Milk”, and we have added a GREAT KICKER ENDING!! A Giant Water Wheel is shown with colorful Arrows on each facing side. The magician then explains that this is a Water Wheel just like they used in the good ol’ days. He then explains the basic uses of a Water Wheel and offers to demonstrate how it works pointing out that the Yellow Arrow is pointing UP which let’s him know it is the TOP of the wheel. “It is really quite simple, I just lift the lid and pour in some water”. A small amount of water is poured from a Red Plastic Cup into the Water Wheel. “OOOPS!! I made a MISTAKE!! The water goes in the OTHER TOP!! He then grasps the Water Wheel by the Black Plastic Ball Knobs on each side and begins to slowly rotate the Water Wheel 1 1/2 COMPLETE REVOLUTIONS ending with the Red Arrow pointing up and the opposite lid is lifted. “Like I said, I just lift the lid and pour in some water”. Another small amount of water is poured from a clear plastic cup into the Water Wheel. “OOOPS!! I made a MISTAKE!! The water goes in the OTHER TOP!! This is repeated one more time and finally the magician reaches inside and carefully pulls out a Clear Plastic Cup FULL OF WATER and NOT A DROP SPILLED!! “Good thing I had this Cup inside! The magician states that no matter how a Water Wheel turns, the water always stays UP!

Next, the water is poured from the Clear Cup into the Red Plastic Cup showing it to be REAL WATER. The Red Cup is now placed into the Water Wheel. “The interesting thing is that no matter how FAST you turn the Water Wheel, the water always stays on TOP! The wheel is now SPUN AT A VERY FAST RATE!! Lid is opened and Red Cup is removed. “And what is even more interesting is sometimes the WATER JUST DISAPPEARS COMPLETELY!!” Red Cup is turned over and NOT A DROP COMES OUT ( Slush Powder required. Not Included.)

He then sets the cup aside and states that no matter how many times he has done this trick, he still manages to spill just a drop or two. He then offers to show the kids and opens the lid, turns it over and DUMPS CONFETTI ON THE KIDS HEADS!!

This is a very magical routine and fun as well! Fabricated in all Water-Proof materials…just in case you make a few mistakes during practice 🙂 The Gimmick inside has been designed to work as smooth as glass and built to last a lifetime! This is a beautiful prop and the routine can be expanded by adding more of your favorite “Water/Glass” Routine bits!!

Package includes: Wacky Water Wheel, 3 Clear Plastic Cups and complete written instructions. Prop measures 12″ Tall x 6″ Wide


(This effect is no longer available)

Thanks so much for your interest & support!