Wacky Wolf Funhouse

Created by Chance Wolf

We have created a Production Cabinet that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF not only Visually but in performance as well.

EFFECT: The FUNHOUSE is shown to be EMPTY. A child is asked to come up and have some FUN with the FUNHOUSE. After a bit of talk about Carnivals the child is asked if he would like to help create some magic. A Balloon is blown up and the child names his favorite animal. The Magician proceeds making a feeble attempt to twist up the balloon to create the chosen animal. He fails and recommends trying to use the FUNHOUSE to make some Magic. Panels are flipped back, balloon is pushed through the FUNHOUSE. The child is asked to CRANK the HANDLE at the Count of three! On three, the Crank is Turned and a LOUD CRACK and a POP is HEARD as a LIVE ANIMAL APPEARS!!


Features: Wolf’s Magic 3-D Laminated Graphics, EASY CLEAN Load Compartment, Detachable Crank Handle Lever System, Rotating Plex Mirror panels & Wacky Ball-Feet. The BLACK ART is UNREAL EVEN CLOSE UP!
One dozen Balloons INCLUDED!

Believe us when we tell you that this is the most beautiful prop you’ve ever laid eyes on! Exceptional quality throughout and is a must-have item for any working Children’s Entertainer!

Requires #350 Twisty Balloons

Size: 17″Wide x 12″Deep x 14″Tall / Angled Trap Load Chamber: 11 1/2″ Wide x 8″ Tall x 7 1/2″ Front to Back

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Wacky Wolf Funhouse

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Wacky Wolf Funhouse

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