Created by Chance Wolf

Wolf’s Magic brings you the Final Answer to your Ring Grinding needs! The ULTIMATE RING GRINDER is unlike ANY Ring Grinding effect you have ever seen as Chance Wolf has taken this effect OVER THE TOP in Function, Effect and Quality as well as designed it in a Retro-Neo-Mod style to bring a smile to your face just looking at it! This is a FANTASTIC Lead-In Routine for any RING IN GUMBALL or NESTED BOXES effects! What makes this different?! Just look at these Features!!

Yes! This is the final solution for your favorite “Ring in Gumball Machine” routine! No more fumbling in a cloth and trying to cover the “CLICK” of the Toy Capsule lid. Just open the lid, drop the ring in and close the lid. All the
dirty work is done and the ring is safely loaded into the Toy capsule. You may also use the Ultimate Ring Grinder for ANY Nested Box or Transportation Routine giving the borrowed Ring COMPLETE PROTECTION during the loading process. No more MISSING STONES to worry about!

CLACKER STRIP NOISE CONTROL: Every Ring Grinder, to date, has had a Clacker Strip Noise Maker. Nothing new here until we added the CONTROL OPTION so you may control the Clacking Sound. It has a greater impact to begin the routine as you start with everything running smooth then SUDDENLY ALL GOES WRONG AS A LOUD CLACKING IS HEARD!! A bit of an adjustment and it is running fine…then CLACKITY CLACK CLACK!! It goes haywire at YOUR CONTROL.


Basic Routine: The Magician asks someone to join him onstage for a little experiment. First, he asks the spectator to examine a small brown paper bag to assure that it is normal and EMPTY. The bag is folded at the top, like a little lunch sack, and handed to the spectator. He borrows a Ring from the spectator and explains that he has just received a new Gizmo, in the mail, which can polish a ring to an unbelievable luster! The Instructions are opened as the Magi reads them in haste. The ring is placed into the Machine, lid is closed and the magician explains the Ultra Sonic Cleaners must be activated. The Toggle Switch is activated and the LED begins to Flash! Magi continues reading the instructions and shakes in some “Special Cleaning Solution” (Salad dressing), closes the lid and begins to rotate the Wacky Crank Arm. The supposed “Polishing Wheels” are doing their work as you turn the Crank Arm then, suddenly, the Machine starts to CRACK and CLACK AWAY indicating something has gone terribly wrong! The Magi’s face drops to a look of PANIC! A few adjustments and all is well as it quietly polishes the Ring and the Magic smiles again…then suddenly it Crack and Clacks again! This is repeated until the audience has had enough. The Magi opens the lid, looks into the Machine and states…”hmmm, the darn thing seems to be BROKEN! No, do not worry! My MACHINE IS FINE…it’s your RING…IT SEEMS TO BE BROKEN!” The Machine is turned upside down as the magi DUMPS A HANDFUL OF GOLD DUST INTO THE SPECTATORS PALM!! The spectator is told that there is a solution to this dilemma as the Magi whips out his Mystical Hankie, asks the spectator to dump the remains of the Ring into the Silk and the Magi states that the Gold Dust will magically TRANSFORM ITSELF BACK INTO THE RING or something of EQUAL VALUE and TRANSPORT ITSELF INTO THE LITTLE PAPER BAG! A few gestures and the silk is whisked away and the Gold Dust has VANISHED. The spectator is asked to look inside the bag they have been holding the entire time and discover a QUARTER!! “hmmm…seems as if someone got gypped at the Jewelers! The routine continues to the either “RING IN GUMBALL” routine as you ask them to risk their Quarter for any Prize inside the Gumball Machine or to trade it away for what’s inside “The Box” or any typical Nested Box Routine. There are countless endings for this routine and most of them are probably in your act right now!

Dimensions: 4 1/2″ Tall x 2 1/2″ Wide x 5 1/2″ Front to Back

Comes Complete with: Complete Routine and Instructions, Bag of Glitter & Extra Toy Capsules.


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