Payneful Card Rise

Created by Payne / Designed by Chance Wolf

Master Payne has been generous enough to offer the magic community one of his Classic routines done in typical Payne fashion. A well thought out routine and prop that delivers ENTERTAINMENT the way it should! He has taken the Card Rise effect and given it a final twist leaving the magician completely frustrated and the audience laughing.
For the final production model, I began with Payne’s basic concept then, as expected, took the design over the top adding in extra features such as a LARGE FLASHING LED and Layered Hi-Tech facing and whatever else I could throw onto the unit! The Jumbo Remote Control was built from scratch using high quality materials and the Layered Dimensional Graphics we are so well known for!
I had a great time working with Payne on this project and am very happy with the final result!

Includes: Custom Gimmicked Deck, Custom Gimmicked JUMBO Remote Control, Jumbo Card, Gimmicked USB Cable, Comedy Instruction Sheet, and Standard Instructions. Battery INCLUDED for Flashing LED.

Comes in Red and Blue Back Bicycle Gimmick Deck

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Payneful Card Rise

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Payneful Card Rise

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Payneful Card Rise

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