Created by Chance Wolf


The Third release from our “Vintage Recreations” Limited Edition Series.
Fabricated from Solid Cocobolo Hardwood Hand Rubbed and Oiled to a Beautiful Satin Finish.
Polished Solid Brass Tubing and Solid Brass Decorative Accents
Designed for Silver Dollars for maximum visibility as well as 50 Cent Pieces and Downs Palming Coins
10 Coin Dispenser Carrousel for Invisible Flight Productions
Comedy Relief “Gummy Coin”gag (Custom Magnetic Coin provided)
Top Hat gimmicked with Magnetic alignment to Upper deck and Collapsible Funnel Coin Guide.
Heavy Duty Solid Brass Pachinko Pins
Brian Cook’s “Confetti Mirror Glass Finale” ( Matching Non Gimmicked Glass provided)
Sets up in Seconds & Collapses Flat for Storage or Travel
Custom Fitted ATA Case available at additional charge

After countless hours of Design and Proto-Typing, I am excited to release the Finest and most Elegant prop I have ever created. I have always had a passion for the Coin Ladder effect. When I decided to pursue this project, I had researched as many Coin Ladder effects available today as well as the historical versions. I had discovered that the majority of modern day designs detracted from the entire point of the effect…to clearly SEE the Coins falling. Which lead me back to the beginning of the history of this effect and choosing to recreate what I felt was the best design of all, The Down’s Coin Ladder. From the top of the Top Hat to the sleek design, simplicity in form and the Classic Pachinko style of decent of the Coins leaves the spectator with a clear view of the Coins at all times as the playfully travel down the vertical deck.
The apparatus has been designed to be viewed from ALL ANGLES, even from the rear, allowing you full freedom to perform under any condition. I have also included a couple of new features to give the routine some body.
Routine: The performer begins by approaching the Coin Ladder, pops his Top hat open and sets it upon the Coin ladder. He then producing a Silver Dollar and tosses it into the Top Hat and it is seen to drop through the Hat and begins a tinkling Pachinko style decent down the Pins of the Coin Ladder. The magic continues as the Magi produces Coins throwing them as the invisibly travel across the stage and are seen to appear cascading down the Ladder (Downs Palm move required. Up to 10 Coins can be magically produced) , suddenly ONE COIN STOPS IN ITS PATH. The Magi pauses, approaches the Coin Ladder, plucks the coin from the surface and examines the coin. He pulls and tugs a gooey piece of Pink Gum (actually a pink knotted balloon) off the back of the Coin, pops the gum behind his ear and send the Coin on the rest of it’s journey! The Magi finally depletes his Coins and is left empty handed. He approaches the Coin Ladder, removes the Glass from the holder, flips it upside down, and a flurry of shimmering Confetti flows to the ground showing ALL THE COINS HAVE VANISHED as he plucks a JUMBO COIN from the glitter putting a sweet ending to the classic effect!




Original Price of $2995

Thanks so much for your interest & support!