Created by Chance Wolf

The POWER of LAUNCHING A JUMBO 32” SPRING SNAKE RIGHT FROM YOUR HANDS, Paper Sack, Hat, Cup, Silk, Balloon, Wallet, another Snake…or darn near ANYTHING you can imagine! INSTA-SNAKE is a revolutionary gimmick is compact enough to fit in nearly anything!

INSTA-SNAKE is a revolutionary gimmick is compact enough to fit in nearly anything!  Easy enough to use that even a six year old child can use it!  Imagine the magic and comedic possibilities with this gimmick!  Magicians, Comedians, Clowns and Practical Jokers will have a blast with INSTA-SNAKE as its applications are so diverse. Watch the ONLINE VIDEO DEMO for just some of the great effects possible!  Some effects require moderate slight of hand while many require next to none!

Buying MULTIPLE INSTA-SNAKES will make an excellent running gag in your show as you have snakes jumping from one location after another!

FEATURES: Gimmick body is machined from High-density polyethylene with Aluminum Lid and Latch System. Re-Sets in less than one minute.

This gimmick has been built to last for years of performances.

INCLUDES: Insta-Snake Gimmick with Velvet Carrying Bag.

40” Quality Cloth Snake, Basic Set Up and Handling Instructions.

Dimensions: 1” Thick x 3” Diameter.


(Random Snake Color)


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CLICK HERE for Instructional Video

(Please NOTE: Grip tape is no longer used, new grips are machined and the pin on the lever is no longer used)



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