Mr. Marvello & the Baffling Bunny

Based on the Jack Hughes “Roamin’ Rabbit”

We are so excited to release this entirely new concept!


Where MAGIC meets PUPPETS opening all new avenues in entertainment for BOTH types of performers!  If you are a Magician, the script has been cleverly created to minimize your ventriloquist skills. If you are a Ventriloquist, the routine can be followed exactly as provided utilizing the great MAGIC built in or simply script your own Ventriloquist routine using him in typical puppet form BUT with the ability to

PEAK THE RABBITS out at anytime driving the kids CRAZY WITH FUN!



Performer begins by introducing Mr. Marvello!! The performer regrets that

Mr. Marvello is just a cartoon and NOT REAL as he would love to see him do real magic but unbeknownst to him Mr. Marvello’s gradually begins to COME TO LIFE before the kids eyes! HIS EYES MOVE and his MOUTH OPENS as he begins to SPEAK driving the kids crazy!!!

The routine continues as the performer and Mr. Marvello work together to make the Baffling Bunny disappear from his top hat only turning into visual chaos of fun as the WHITE bunny peaks out from his leg several times, then CHANGES COLOR to a RED RABBIT peaking out from his other leg, then peaks UP from his TOP HAT with a RED EAR and WHITE EAR!!

After all the craziness settles Mr. Marvello gets focused and completes his magic trick with a SURPRISE ENDING!!! He is tipped upside-down and out falls a WHITE RABBIT WITH RED SPOTS!!

The quality and engineering on the prop is of the highest quality as you would expect from Wolfs Magic & Wolf VENTS!

Complete Operating and Routine Instructions Puppet Stand and canvas carrying bags included!

Prop size: 18” Tall x 12” wide x 1” Thick

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