Micro Outhouse

Created by Chance Wolf

One of the BEST SELLING tricks of all of our Micro Magic Series!

Introducing the “Little Brother” to our famous OUTHOUSE effect!!! A BIG effect wrapped up into one cute little stinker of trick 🙂

Chance Wolf has taken his favorite effects and placed them in the SHRINKING MACHINE leaving them small enough to FIT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS! Nearly every detail of his big brother has been maintained and to top it all off…the effect COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL!! We spared no expense nor labor to bring you fantastic Collectibles and fun props to perform! It will look great on your office desk ready to perform a quick miracle of could even be used at a Children’s Party as all the kids gather around to see the magic happen up close!

Effect: Magician tells a humorous story of how Grampa inspired him to perform magic. The “Remains” of Grampa are revealed ( Mini Chattering Teeth) and the fun begins as Grampa performs a Card Prediction unlike anything ever seen before. A Card is selected, lost in the deck and Grampa is placed inside the Lil Outhouse along with a small Roll of Toilet paper which was previously shown to be normal. The ROOF SPRINGS OPEN as the spectator HEARS GRAMPA’s TEETH CHATTERING AWAY and BITS OF CHEWED TOILET PAPER FLY UP FROM INSIDE OUTHOUSE!! The Magician reaches in and withdraws the Toilet Paper and SLOWLY REVEALS THE PREDICTION, 3 DIAMONDS, HAS BEEN CHEWED FROM THE PAPER!! Features All Wood Constructed Outhouse with Spring Opening Roof, Electronic Clacker/Confetti Thrower, Bag of Confetti, Magnetic Bottom Cover for battery access and one set of Mini Chattery Teeth. Requires 2 AA Batteries. Complete Routine & Instructions..

Each prop is Hand Signed and Numbered with complete Instructions provided.
Dimensions: 7″ T x 6 W x 4″ D

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