The classic Snake Can with a twist! The snake RELEASES LONG AFTER YOU OPEN THE CAN giving a SURE SURPRISE to the spectator who typically knows the classic gag! Magicians, Comedians, Clowns and Practical Jokers will have a blast with Snakey-Fakey as its applications are so diverse.

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We all know the old gag of the Spring Snake Can. Historically the cans were all the same. Tempt a spectator with some snacks in a can, open the lid and a spring snake jumps out. Well...the joke has been played for 100 years and all the surprise is gone...UNTIL NOW!

We have created a clever system which allows you to release the GIANT 40” LONG SNAKE anytime AFTER you open the lid!!

GAG DESCRIPTION: During your act you mention that the focus it takes to create fabulous magic can make a guy hungry.  Casually bring out a can a Jelly Beans and ask “Would you like to share in a feast of delicious jelly beans?”  They react in suspicion as they have seen this gag a million times.  “We seem to have a trust issue here.” open the lid...aiming it  at the spectator.  They step back expecting the predictable. “Trust me (Shake the can. They can HEAR the jelly beans rattling inside) They are JUST jelly beans.”

You open the lid....and NOTHING happens.  Shake out a few jelly beans and have a snack. The spectator now shows relief as you offer to shake a few out into their open palm and BAJOING!!!


A classic gag brought back to life using a “MOVE FREE” release system and reloads quick!

INCLUDES: Gimmicked Jelly Bean Can (6” Tall x 3” Wide), One CLOTH 40”  Spring Snake and operation instructions. 

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