Happy Hyena by WOLF'S MAGIC

The "HAPPY HYENA" is our take on the classic "Forgetful Freddie" routine. We have given this prop the Wacky Wolf facelift and brought it up to a whole new level!  The prop now has motivation and a fantastic routine written by Arthur Atsma ( with input from Greg Carter & Chance Wolf ). This prop is built to give many years of Laughter.

ROUTINE: This is a BASIC synopsis of a well developed routine which will be sure to entertain!  The routine is based on a competition between 3 kids to tell their best joke!  All three kids are brought onstage and a series of great bits take place as the kids tell their jokes the Happy Hyena ACTUALLY LAUGHS as his HEAD SHAKES BACK and FORTH!  The laughter continues leading up to the Happy Hyena HEAD SPINS DOWN AND SWINGS ABOUT laughing his head off!  The magician explains that the Hyena's who have spots actually communicate through laughter and this particular guy has too many spots as he can't seem to stop laughing.  A Cloth Bag  (Devil's Hank now INCLUDED) is brought out along with a Bottle of "SPOT REMOVER".  TheHyena's Head is placed in the bag and the "Spot Remover" is squirted into the bag, the bag is rubbed a bit, more spot remover, more rubbing then...OOPS!!  The bag is opened and the HEAD HAS VANISHED!!  Sorry kids, we seemed to have used too much Spot Remover!!  The kids are now asked to use TEAMWORK to magically return the Hyena's Head!  Working together, the kids blow up a balloon, draw a face on it and place it on the Hyena's body.  All together, the kids scream the magic words and...POP!...the BALLOON EXPLODES as the HYENA'S HEAD MAGICALLY REAPPEARS!!


Shaking Head: An We have created a new effect in which the head shakes back and forth as the Hyena laughs his spots off. The head is mounted with Rare Earth Magnets. By simply holding the prop by the base and give it a little jiggle which shakes the Hyena's head back and forth.

Laugh Box: An custom digital electronic Laugh Box has been created to the back giving the Hyena the ability to actually LAUGH!

Custom made Devil's Hank by Beverly Atsma

Locking Base: Hyena Body attaches to base with a simple pivot lock system.

CNC Machined from and Aluminum Surface/Nylon Core material topped with our exclusive digitally printed vinyl decals with a laminated protective finish! Assuring a long lasting, corrosion free prop.

Includes: Happy Hyena, Base, Electronic Laugh Box, 10 Balloons, "NO-SPOT" Spray Bottle & Complete Operating and Routine Instructions included.Also, now included is a custom made Devil's Hank by Beverly Atsma.

Prop Size: 21" Tall x 12.5" Wide x 1" Thick

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